2018 STEM Fair Winners Announced!

Arts Expo

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Arts Education Teachers, parents, admin, supporters, and enthusiasts.... Join us this year as we add the Arts Expo the STEM Fair.

This is the first year it will be held at the County Fair Grounds and will be both a STEM Fair and Art Expo. Students and teachers grades K-12 are invited to participate in the Arts Expo. We will showcase BOTH visual and performing arts. Please read the following FAQ sheet for more info.

How to Participate/Submit:

Please submit teacher name, school, contact info (email and cell #), genre/style of artworks, and number of students participating by February 9, 2018 (soft deadline) We are especially looking for performing groups at this time and also have plenty of room for more visual arts.

Sign Up

Additional questions can be emailed to Michelle Holdt

We are happy to help and will always look for creative solutions so that you and your students can participate!